ansel_headshotFor several years now, The Frame Company has been mounting and framing the reproduction artwork of Ansel Adams. As the exclusive framer for The Ansel Adams Gallery, we take great pride and care in the quality of materials and attention to detail required when handling the art produced by perhaps the world’s most famous photographer. We make sure we maintain our highest standard of quality for such an important client.


We finish a variety of reproductions from lithographs Posters and Matted Reproductions, hand-printed gelatin silver Yosemite Special Edition Photographs and Ansel Adams Gallery’s flagship product, the Modern Replica. Quite possibly the most advanced digital reproduction on the market.


We work with The Ansel Adams Gallery to carefully design the finished look and specified the material, sizes, cut, color, mount, and frame profile to dramatize each image at the size offered. Client specific requirements include:

  • The Modern Replica features “T” hinge mounted to an acid-free foam core backer – the foam core provides stiffness and the hinging allows the print to lay flat with less chance of warping as humidity changes.
  • The 8-ply overmats are museum quality acid-free rag board, also hinge mounted to the backer.
  • The color of the overmat is specified based on the tonality of the image,
  • Each overmat is custom cut to reveal just the image, with a generous outside border. The size of the overmat is close to standardized, enabling multiple images to be hung together, but with some variation relative to the proportions of the image itself.
  • The frame itself can also add or detract from the overall presentation. We have selected five different options to accommodate different preferences and environments – wood and metal, each with two profiles, and different colors. Plexi-glass is used to provide protection for the print during shipping and for display.