About The Frame

Our Mission:

Inspired framing will elevate any piece of artwork

At The Frame, our goal is to provide a wide variety of quality picture frames and materials at a very reasonable cost. You will find the value of our products and service to be superior to any online retailer or retail frame shop.

The Story of The Frame

The Frame originated in 1989 as Delta Mat and Moulding, a wholesale distributor of picture framing supplies to retail stores, frame shops and artists.

In 2014, Delta HK was sold and The Frame was born out of years of experience providing frame moulding, mat board and supplies. Today, our focus is high-end, high-quantity custom picture framing and sales of ready-made frames, mats and accessories to customers who want professional grade material and competitive prices.

In June 2016, The Frame launched an ecommerce store shoptheframe.com to provide frames, mats and accessories to a wider market.

Interview with Founder, Eric Penrod:

Eric Penrod has been the President of The Frame (formerly Delta Mat) for over 25 years. As a veteran in the business, he is nationally known by his peers, manufacturers and distributors of picture framing supplies. Here is some excerpts of Q&A with Eric:

Q. How has the industry changed over the last 25 years since you have been involved?

A. Drastically. The Internet has now become a big part of how custom picture framing is approached. However, quality in the frame has become lost due to the inability (often purposely) to show the customer the true value of a quality frame and mat.

Q. Picture Framing has always been an expensive proposition for people. Often the frame costs more than the artwork. Why is that?

A. The frame and mat’s main purpose is to enhance the aesthetic value of the art. It does not matter if it is your 5-year-old’s crayon drawing or a Picasso. Emotional value is just as important as monetary value when it comes to the presentation of art.

Q. What are most popular frames that customers purchase from you?

A. Popularity is based on what works best for the art. In today’s time, contemporary or modern frames seem to be more popular. Traditional frames are always acceptable.

Q. What are the future trends you are seeing?

A. Simple and clean lines. The ability to achieve a “custom” look without paying the custom price.

Q. You’ve been at this for quite a while. What keeps you coming to work each day? What excites you about this business?

A. I have always said the day a quality frame does not excite me is the day I get out. I truly love the look and feel of all types of wood. It is natural and beautiful. I have known one industry my entire life and that’s picture frames and how they can embody and enhance the value of any art.